Pet Therapy

Health Related Home Care offers Pet Therapy for its patients who are in Assisted Living Facilities. Pet therapy benefits patients suffering from dementia, anxiety, high blood pressure and depression.  

Meet our Therapy Dogs!

Abby & Kerry

Meet Abby Cadabby, an 8 year old Wire Fox Terrier. Abby who is a family pet of Tony and Kerry Hall was found to have an unusual gift. The Hall's oldest daughter Madison has Asperger's Syndrome, also known as High Functioning Autism and suffers from anxiety. It was noticed that Abby could almost sense when Madison was having a anxiety attack and would snuggle up with her and calm her down almost instantly. At first, the Hall's thought it was just a coincidence but over the next several months, her ability to notice the onset of anxiety became stronger. At times, it almost seemed that Abby knew about the panic attack before Madison did. Soon thereafter, Health Related Home Care started their Pet Therapy program and Abby was invited to join them. She underwent an intense 13 week training program and graduated with honors as a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) through the American Kennel Club and has been with Health Related since May 2014. Abby works with patients with dementia, anxiety and high blood pressure in the Assisted Living Facilities serviced by Health Related Home Care. She also enjoys visiting local schools to teach kids about pet care and doing career day talks with her owner/handler Kerry Hall who has been with HRHC since 2010 and is the Community Liasion. They also enjoy volunteering their time to speak to church groups and other civic organizations. To inquire more about the Pet Therapy Program or to have Abby and Kerry speak to your group, call 1-800-HOMECARE. 


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